February 2016

Baja IT Triangle
New Documentary to Highlight IT Sector in Baja IT Triangle, Mérida, and Aguascalientes
February 26, 2016

The “Rising States of Mexico” will premiere in May to show the dynamic services these ascending regions have to offer.

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Mexican Tech Sector Climbing Same Summit as Auto and Aerospace Transformation
February 24, 2016

Like its auto sector, Mexican IT has gone from a labor-savings opportunity to a value-added engine of innovation.

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state of mexico
Why Invest in the State of Mexico?
February 19, 2016

The state of Mexico is one of the most dynamic areas in the nation with ample opportunities in the IT and BPO world.

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Digitex Expands Horizons in Mexico to Penetrate Spanish-Speaking U.S. Market
February 16, 2016

Rafael Borbolla spoke to Mexico IT about Digitex’s experience in the Mexico and what the future holds.

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fin tech
Fin Tech Startups Are Thriving in Mexico City
February 12, 2016

Many sectors are hot right now in the capital, and fin tech startups are finding great success.

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border security unisys
Unisys Wants to Bring Its Border Protection and Security Services to Mexico
February 9, 2016

Unisys believes that soon it “will be the sole leader for border security globally.”

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