May 2016

Mexico vs Austin: The Wage Gap Is Substantial
May 21, 2016

While the talent gap between the locations is no longer substantial, the wage gap is.

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5 Quotes Highlighting the Value of Mexico’s Emerging Tech Locations
May 17, 2016

Executives in a new documentary share stories that encapsulate Mexico’s nearshore advantage.

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Why Invest in the State of Sinaloa?
May 11, 2016

The technology sector in Sinaloa is growing by 300% per year, with a focus on contact centers and app development.

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The Peso’s Value Is Making Mexico Nearshoring an Even Better Value Proposition
May 6, 2016

Mexico’s service providers are a great buy at any price — the peso’s value makes them a bargain too good to pass up.

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Cancún to Host Major Summit of Global Tech Ministers in June
May 4, 2016

The event is another major summit led by the OECD and will build on previous global efforts for tech progress.

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