January 2017

Texas to Expand Academic Relations With Mexican Institutes
January 31, 2017

Students chosen for the program will get a monthly stipend in addition to health insurance coverage for up to five years.

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julio acevedo young talent
Video Feature: Julio Acevedo Highlights the Passion Driving Mexico’s Young Talent
January 26, 2017

Julio Acevedo, the Director of HP Guadalajara for over 31 years, talks about the inspiring passion that Mexico’s young, tech-focused population possesses.

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IoT TrackX
TrackX Partners with Mexico’s All Pretium to Explore LatAm IoT Market
January 24, 2017

TrackX stated that it would equip All Pretium with the tools and technologies necessary to help its customers achieve their IoT strategies.

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iTexico Team Highlights Mexico’s Passion and Capability for Entrepreneurship
January 19, 2017

iTexico’s Guillermo Ortega, Co-founder & COO, and David Sandoval, Creative Delivery Manager, explain how Mexico’s focus on entrepreneurship is a strong part of the local culture.

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Honeywell Opens R&D Center in Mexico City Creating More than 200 Jobs
January 17, 2017

Easy availability of engineering talent was the main reason for establishing the lab in Mexico, said the US firm, adding that the center is also a ‘vote of confidence’ in Mexico’s growing technology workforce.

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leonardo n'haux qualtop
Video Feature: Qualtop CEO Praises Guadalajara’s Dedication to Tech Ecosystem
January 12, 2017

Leonardo N’Haux explains why Guadalajara is so successful in the software development space, and what challenges the city must surmount in order to attract more U.S. business.

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Milennials Represent The Majority of Technology Buyers in Mexico
January 10, 2017

A new study conducted by Intel shows how the growth of technological education in the country is stoking interest among young people in the power of technology.

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mobile internet
Mobile Internet Traffic Set to Soar 800% in Mexico
January 6, 2017

Growing competition among telecom firms to sign up more customers and government programs such as ‘México Conectado’ could have triggered the increased web usage.

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UK Grants $7.3 Million From Newton Fund for Research Activities in Mexico
January 3, 2017

The fund will support scientific projects aimed at tackling common challenges that hamper economic development and social welfare in developing countries, including Mexico.

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