Since its beginnings dating back to 1873, when E. Remington & Sons introduced the first commercially viable typewriter, Unisys has been a pioneer in technology. Today it is an industry-leading provider of technology services and it has maintained a presence in Mexico for 90 years.

Vicente Salazar joined the company, which has its operations in Mexico City, last year and is excited to lead the firm’s business in the country. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the Mexican technology world, previously holding leadership roles at companies including IBM, EDS, and Wipro. He recently sat down with Mexico IT to talk about Unisys’ work in Mexico and how it is pushing innovation in the area of border security.

border security unisys Vicente Salazar

Vicente Salazar, VP and General Manager of Unisys Mexico

Mexico IT: How would you assess Unisys’ current presence in Mexico, and what will the company focus on in the near term?

Vicente Salazar: Unisys’ presence has always been here, for 90 years in Mexico, around technology and technology services, especially in the financial services sector. We have a very good footprint here.

Looking ahead, we want to protect and grow the existing client base. We want to leverage our great delivery experience and the good feedback we get from the market. We have excellent relationships with our existing clients, and we also want bring new logos for profitable growth. We have very good intellectual capital, and we want to harvest from that. We have IP that no other company has — especially on security services. That is where we will focus on strongly this year and next year.

How has the company restructured recently?

The company has been going through a very successful transformation, and the market has received this positively. We have restructured the company towards a vertical focus. We were quite horizontally focused before — basically in whatever industry was interested in our services. The biggest difference for the second half of this year and going forward is that we have a very clear strategy to focus on verticals. We will invest and harvest our IP on three main verticals: financial services, commercial — which mainly includes transportation, telecoms, manufacturing, and consumer goods — and the public sector.

What will Unisys focus on in terms of border security services?

We will heavily focus on border protection in the public sector. We protect the most attacked countries and borders: the U.S., the U.K., Australia. We are the leaders in border protection. In the United States, we have had a strong relationship — for decades — protecting the border with multiple frameworks. There are land-border integration frameworks that have infrastructure software and managed services.

If you cross the border by car, going from the United States to Mexico, you will see a lot of cameras, radio frequency, and infrared cameras while you are waiting. From when the immigration officer calls you and tells you you to advance, in about 12 seconds as you start your car and drive ahead, he will have everything about you on his screen. About your car, your plates, if you’re a threat to the country, if you have crossed that border before, if you are a menace — any security information related to you. Before you reach the officer, he already has all of that in front of him. Then he reads your passport and will have you use the biometric system. All that technology is Unisys. And all that technology that the United States uses, we are positioning Unisys to provide the same to be used in Mexico. We are participating in a major bid that Mexico has publicized. There are a lot of companies that are doing that, but we believe that Unisys has a very strong solution to protect Mexican borders.

The attacks in France have created a larger need for countries to manage security, and Unisys is quite well positioned in that. We believe that if we win a couple of contracts that we are participating in then we will be the sole leader for border security globally.

Are there other security services that you will increasingly offer?

We have presented a quite innovative solution to security to our analysts and advisors. It has received very good feedback for an award-winning, software-platform-based security solution to protect our clients’ information. Unisys has been positioning and investing in data security, cybersecurity, and physical security for our clients. We foresee that, this year, Unisys will be a leader and an authority on security services.

Outside of the border security bid, are there any other public sector plans in Mexico?

We will be focusing heavily in Mexico in the public sector. We believe we have a very strong portfolio, not only for federal but also for the states and the municipalities. We will not only be focusing on Mexico City and Monterrey but also capitals in other states, and we have very good intellectual property and software solutions to manage municipalities.