German industrial giant Bosch has teamed up with shared workspace provider Centraal to launch a center for innovation and entrepreneurship in Jalisco, saying that it wants to contribute to and participate in Mexico’s digital journey.

Slated to begin operations on August 14, the center will employ professionals with expertise in information technology, who will provide training in a variety of digital services, particularly internet of things (IoT).

The two companies will invest US$25 million on the center over the next four years and are hoping to support as many as 1,000 technology startups, according to Spanish news dailies, citing Gonzalo Simentola, Bosch’s Vice President of Finance and Administration in Mexico.

The center, say company officials, will provide a stage for all stakeholders – from universities to business executives and government officials to investors and mentors – to learn and benefit from each other.

Spread across 2,000 square meters of floor space, the center boasts a training room, co-working space, and a digital lab, among other amenities.

The center is first of its kind Bosch has built in Mexico, with company officials stating that Jalisco was chosen for its ease to acquire people with expertise in digital technology.

One of the more popular brands in the auto industry, Bosch has long been present in Mexico. In Guadalajara, it already runs an engineering center, where its workforce has tripled over the past two years, from 150 in 2015 to 450 today.

The engineering center not only serves its clients in Mexico but also elsewhere in the world.