American multinational Cisco has agreed to set up its networking academy in Yucatan to train students in new technologies, particularly internet of things (IoT) and cybersecurity.

The academy will spring up at the campus of Yucatan Polytechnic University, according to a press release.

As part of the agreement with the university, Cisco will first train 22 teachers from 11 educational institutes within the state, who will later go on to train students in technology.

“The 22 teachers will take up the responsibilities of imparting the knowledge to youth in various institutions across the state,” stated the university.

Teachers from the Technological Institutes of Mérida (ITM), Motul (Tecmotul), Progreso (ITSP), Valladolid (Itsva), South of Yucatán (Itssy), Technological Universities of Poniente (UTP), Mayab (UT of Mayab), Metropolitan (UTM), and Center (UTC) are likely to take training from experts in Cisco.

The first batch of teachers will be ready to train students by the end of August this year. Additionally, the university will build a networking lab for students to put their knowledge to test.

The Cisco academy also provides students with the communication, problem-solving, and collaborative skills necessary to succeed in workplace.

The university says it has planned to build a large pool of technology professionals and serve the needs of hundreds of companies operating in free zones across the state. Every participant in the training program will receive a certificate from Cisco.

This is also good news for Intel, as the US chipmaker has only recently established an IoT lab in the same university campus.

Operating since 1993, Cisco has been a great contributor to Mexico’s technology talent pool. Its networking academies alone have already provided thousands of Mexicans with valuable networking qualifications.

“The Networking Academy program in Mexico is one of our largest worldwide, with more than 50,000 students enrolled in 300 academies around the country,” the company’s Chief Executive Chuck Robbins writes in a blog post.

Besides helping to develop talent pool, Cisco has employed more than 1,000 Mexicans.