Demand for information technology professionals grew 30% in Mexico this year, thanks largely to the growing interest in digitalization among the country’s corporations.

Mobile app makers and data scientists are in higher demand, according to a study by recruitment firm PageGroup. With more and more businesses harnessing new technologies, traditional IT jobs, such as systems maintenance, are fading away gradually.

Considering the report, new technology jobs have 70% greater demand than the traditional IT services and maintenance jobs.

The news comes barely months after KPMG Global CEO Outlook 2017 found Mexican business leaders seeing new technologies as a path to prosperity rather than a threat.

The surge in demand for people with expertise in new technologies could be widely seen in the country’s financial services and consulting firms, the report noted.

With fintech startups and mobile payment firms increasingly seducing venture capital firms, banks are aggressively stocking up on new technology solutions. Analysts say banks’ annual investment in information technology rose to 9% from 6% last year.

According to the recruitment firm, the positions with the highest demand in the country are chief technology officer (CTO), mobile applications manager, business analyst, and data scientist.

Wages for CTOs and mobile app developers have increased nearly 30% over the past year, with data scientists seeing their salary jump by 25%.

Companies are in search of ‘360-degree developer profiles’, reports Mundo Contact, quoting Alejandra Müggenburg, Director at Michael Page.

Professionals with extensive experience in programming and an interest in developing innovative solutions are gaining a lot of traction.