Mexican software developer Dextra Technologies has inaugurated its new office in the city of Monterrey, providing space for more than 250 employees.

dextra technologiesLocated adjacent to the previous office, the brand new 17,000-square-foot facility boasts some modern infrastructure, including testing labs, high-tech meeting rooms, and increased security.

“This new building mirrors our customer´s infrastructure in terms of building security, network security, independent vLans, separate customer related work spaces with independent/specific badge access control, meeting rooms with VC capabilities, and test labs, as well as enhanced software tools and development environment,” said Daniel Chavez, CEO of Dextra Technolgies.

The building also has a better sized cafeteria that allows Dextra to offer additional amenities such as a variety of modern coffee machines, healthy breakfasts, and integration events.

dextra technologiesDextra has a total of 600 employees, 300 in Guadalajara, 180 in Monterrey, 60 in Aguascalientes and 60 on-site in the US. All 180 in Monterrey were transferred from the old office into this new location, according to Chavez.

The company is currently ramping up with US clients in safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems for the automotive industry, as well as with electronic payment platforms and digital transformation services.

dextra technologies“This investment finally keeps up with the level of security and infrastructure of our Guadalajara and Aguascalientes sites,” added Chavez. “We believe it provides a better work environment and communication between teams, as well as portrays our commitment to our customers and employees.”

Dextra Technologies has been designing, building, and verifying software solutions for medium and large enterprises in the USA and Mexico since 1997. The company’s consultants focus on the integration and development of web and mobile applications, embedded software, multimedia, connectivity, and testing.