American multinational technological manufacturer Flex is expanding its operation to employ 6,000 new workers in its Zapopan plant to support the growth of its Nike footwear manufacturing.

The company is investing more than 2 billion pesos (US$104 million) that will go toward construction, new equipment, and ongoing operations.

“Over the years, I have witnessed how Flex became the largest employer on this side of Jalisco, and how we have transformed that small operation into a place where people grow and prosper, with a clear focus on doing the right thing for the environment and the community,” said Francois Barbier, President of Global Operations at Flex, during the announcement of the plant’s expansion.

Flex currently employs around 44,000 people in Mexico, representing 22% of its total global workforce — 5,000 in Jalisco alone (soon to be 11,000). The company started operations in Jalisco 21 years ago where it now focuses on design, manufacturing, technological development, and innovation.

“Flex has been committed to generating jobs for as long as the government has generated support and incentives, and together we are achieving it,” said Aristóteles Sandoval, Governor of the State of Jalisco.

For 15 years, Flex as also had a Center of Excellence in Guadalajara called the Guadalajara Product Introduction Center. The 11,000-square-foot center provides extensive capabilities including advanced engineering, design for excellence (DfX), supply chain optimization, prototyping, testing, failure analysis, and transfer to mass production.