Our very own Guillermo Gonzalez King was last week interviewed by The Channel Company, a U.S. provider of IT channel-focused events, media, research, consulting, and sales and marketing services.

During the interview, King highlighted Mexico IT’s goal of raising awareness in the marketplace of Mexico as both an IT sourcing destination and a destination for investment.

“[Mexico] offers close proximity to the U.S., with the same time zones. And because of NAFTA, there are other advantages. Those are fairly obvious. But Mexico also has a high level of affinity and assimilation with the United States business culture. That’s a huge asset,” King said.

King continued by explaining that most Mexican universities are tailored to offer similar academic programs to the U.S., resulting in Mexican companies possessing a stronger understanding of their neighbors north of the border. Also, given Mexico’s English language affinity, U.S. companies can simply solve problems through a phone conference with their partners in the same time zone. “You don’t have to travel a long distance, and that saves you time, and lets you reach your goals faster, positively impacting agility,” he said.

The Channel Company was eager to learn of a specific example, which King was happy to provide, citing IBM, Intel, and Cisco’s establishment in Guadalajara 30 years ago. “This basically generated a very sophisticated IT community,” he explained. “In that specific region, you have various segments of businesses. Some are excellent in social media application development, SAP implementations, cutting-edge R&D for IoT, and more.”

King’s promotion of Mexico’s capabilities continued: “In manufacturing, we’ve got a strong electronics hub with relatively small companies trying to develop devices for handheld inventory processes. We’ve got an excellent ecosystem for coding and software development and creating electronic components. A lot of companies offer flexible manufacturing facilities. One company offers a 3,000-unit prototype production capability to test source materials. There is a successful fabrication collaboration between a U.S. company based in Austin and another in Guadalajara.”

Finally, King expressed the fears that the industry holds if recent U.S. political rhetoric was to become a reality; “It could undo what we’ve achieved over the past 25 years,” he said. “At least the IT sector would most likely be the last sector likely to be impacted, given the intangibility of its nature — as opposed to manufacturing.”

Mexico IT is sponsoring The Channel Company’s Midsize Enterprise Summit, which takes place on September 18, 2016, in Austin, Texas. Click here to find out more.