Mexico continues to achieve successful results from ramping up its efforts to attract new foreign investment from the technology industry.

Many of our civil associations, government bodies, and technology clusters are at the forefront of that future, but one key player, IJALTI, the Jalisco Institute of Information Technology, is making real strides toward positioning Jalisco — and Mexico — on the map.

IJALTI is a private nonprofit formed by representatives of government, industry, and academia. The institute is on a mission is to encourage and promote the development and use of ICT and internet applications to ensure the growth of the country’s most productive sectors.

Speaking with Mexico IT in Guadalajara, Eduardo Chávez, IJALTI’s Director General, expressed his passion for how Jalisco state is attracting fresh talent from all over Mexico, while U.S. tech companies are continuously identifying the value of setting up operations in Guadalajara.


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