The number of Internet users in Mexico is rising rapidly. According to new figures from Mexico’s Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), about 65.5 million Mexicans are now using the internet.

Of these 65.5 million users, 88.9% use it to communicate, 81.9% access audiovisual content, 80.1% to entertain themselves, 15.9% to shop online, and 9.9% for banking operations.

Smartphone vendors are giving computer manufacturers a run for their money, with reports confirming that people accessing the web via phones are increasing in number. Mobile internet subscriptions have overtaken voice-only connections, according to a June 2016 report from GSMA.

In Sonora and Baja California more than 70% of the population are using the web, although Internet penetration is somewhat low in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Until a few years ago, accessing the web was expensive, but thanks to Mexico’s telecom reforms, data prices are decreasing rapidly. With AT&T and America Movil vying for the largest slice of the pie, analysts say telecom prices may drop dramatically in the years to come.

Across the country, 47.8% of homes now have access to the web, up from 39.2% in 2015.

People spend an average 360 minutes a day using the Internet, compared to an average of 93 daily minutes watching TV, according to Google. The search engine giant says Mexico is its largest market in the Spanish-speaking world.

Latin American e-commerce firm MercadoLibre  has recently announced plans to invest $100 million in Mexico, saying that the country’s growing number of smartphone users is a sign of impending growth in e-commerce.