Sinaloa is an excellent location for IT industry investments by global providers that want to establish a nearshore delivery center in Mexico with the low-cost environment offered by a tier 2 location.

The technology sector of the state of Sinaloa is growing at a yearly rate of 300%. Thus far, the main focus of the IT industry in Sinaloa has been on contact centers and nearshoring application development services. The state has one of the largest IT clusters in Mexico that gathers 55 companies with an advanced IT maturity level.

This is common in the region. Many of the IT companies of Sinaloa are working in state-supported IT technology clusters and have extensive experience in developing applications for healthcare organizations, agriculture-related industries, hotels, pharmacies, gas stations, car dealerships, and educational institutions.

On top of the foundation already in place, there are classic nearshore benefits as well.

The state is conveniently located very close to the United States, and it sits in the Central time zone, which makes it convenient to work with companies in New York or Silicon Valley. Distance is not a problem either as daily flights depart from Culiacán to Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, and Denver. The average flight time is just two hours.

In terms of promoting growth, the state government offers generous incentives for investors in IT technology. In addition to the cash grants provided by the ProSoft program, the state provides tax reductions for the acquisition of real estate and storage facilities, as well as a special incentive based on the new jobs created by the investment.

State of Sinoloa León Key Facts

Sinaloa is located in the northwest of Mexican, with 75% of its coastline on the Sea of Cortez while the other 25% sits on the Pacific Ocean. Sinaloa shares borders to the north with the state of Sonora and Chihuahua, to the west with the state of Durango, and to the south with the state of Nayarit

Main Cities
Culiacán, Mazatlan, Mochis

2.7 million

Higher Education
Sinoloa has 48 niversities and multiple specialization schools

Graduates from IT Careers
3,000 per year with a high percentage of bilingual professionals

IT Infrastructure
Extensive fiber-optics IP infrastructure, high-bandwidth Internet, VoIP enabled