Technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and education are “the key” to get Mexico to match world powers, said the governor of the western Mexican state of Jalisco, Aristotle Sandoval, during a talk at the Jalisco Campus Party this week.

“The only way that all of Mexico can become a real power and compete globally is through technology, education, and giving support to all our young people,” said the state governor to some 25,000 attendees of this innovation meeting.

Sandoval said that it is necessary to strengthen the learning of mathematics and promote a second and third language among young people “to detonate and catapult” the country as “a nation of vanguard at a global level” that is no longer dependent on oil.

In his speech, the governor answered questions from attendees from various regions of Mexico, adding that he will seek to establish collaboration agreements with other states in the country, with the intention of following up on ventures generated during the Campus Party activities.

He said that activities to promote technological innovation are spread throughout Guadalajara with festivals such as “Campus night”, “Epicenter”, and “Startup weekend”, where young people can learn and then mentor other young people.

He added that young people in the state have the support of 28 local and foreign universities, as well as entrepreneurs who have sought to invest in their talent.

He invited young people to learn and develop their own projects in different areas such as genetics, robotics, or bioinformation to become providers and “never lose the opportunity of a job”.

“Here you can hear all the examples to help you eliminate that learning curve and advance faster — that is the advantage of coming to Campus Party,” he said.

The governor added that they are on course to make this festival “a meeting center of the best bright minds, a meeting center where they can interact and transform our environment and our reality.”