Mexico’s tech sector has the benefit of a very young population, with around 45% of its citizens clocking in at under the age of 25. According to Julio Acevedo, ex-director of HP Guadalajara, this pool of young talent is passionate about the country’s future, innovating and excelling in unprecedented ways.

An industry veteran, Acevedo served as HP director for over 31 years in Guadalajara, before taking the reigns on the city’s Ciudad Creativa Digital (Digital Creative City) project last year. The project involves turning Guadalajara into a smart city through infrastructure developments, Internet of Things adoption, and an increased focus on technology.

Acevedo is now focused on making this project a reality and says that he is continuously inspired by the young people around him to make it a success. In the following video, we talk to Acevedo about what he sees happening in the ecosystem he has been a part of for decades.