Peruvian startup Laboratoria has opened a new training center in Guadalajara, in order to provide extensive IT and development training to women in Mexico.

The company is focused on giving women the skills for front-end development and UX through a six-month bootcamp. The project is hosted at Centro de Software with IJALTI helping to run it.

The course looks to give those with minimal resources a chance to get into the industry. Applicants must meet certain criteria, such as being a single mom, or already having low income. After the course, they are guaranteed a job and the project leaders continue to work with them for two years to continue developing skills.

“In Latin America there are millions of women with the potential of becoming the digital leaders of tomorrow,” said Mariana Costa Checa, co-founder and CEO.

In light of the ongoing struggle to find talent, the company’s founders have identified in Latin America’s women an immense talent pool with potential for technical skills.

The program also provides a “new community of tenacious women who support each other to shine in the tech world”, according to the website. “The result is women who transform their lives and change the face of an entire industry.”