Mexico is among the top 25 countries exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and integrating intelligent automation into their economies, according to the automation readiness index prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Mexico has made great strides in pushing businesses and students to harness artificial intelligence. Many foreign technology companies are already making contact with Mexican universities for engineering graduates talented enough to develop AI solutions.

Nvidia, a Silicon Valley-based company, has gone a step further persuading Pemex to use the technology for bolstering production and improving efficiency.

Some home-grown companies are transcending boundaries on their way to claim their piece of the AI pie. Yalo Chat, for example, has been building chatbots for global companies, including the likes of Facebook. Months ago, it launched an office in China to capitalize on the demand for automation in the Asian country.

Meanwhile, digital product and customer experience solutions vendor Wizeline has launched an artificial intelligence academy in Guadalajara with plans to offer coursework on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced software engineering skills and technologies.

Mexico’s advancement with AI is a transformative development, because “advanced automation can mean better and more meaningful jobs” for humans, said the research wing of the British weekly.

The research company says no country has built enough human resources to cash in on the new technology. To prepare people for the jobs of tomorrow, every country should ‘rethink education and training’, it suggested.

Those countries that introduce new education curricula and focus on training students in certain technical skills, such as computational thinking, can only benefit from the new technology.