U.S. technology firm Nvidia has indicated its plans to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in Mexico. “Nvidia is looking to grow in new markets and Mexico is one of them,” reported Spanish publication Expansión, quoting Marcio Aguiar, the Silicon Valley firm’s director for Latin America.

It is not clear how much money it would invest and how many people it would hire, but Nvidia is most likely to set up its Mexican office by August this year.

The San Francisco-based company says it would collaborate with Mexican universities, academic institutes, and local entrepreneurs to train and acquire skilled technology professionals, along with exploring business opportunities in lucrative sectors, particularly energy and automotive manufacturing.

Upon setting up shop in Mexico, it would make contact with firms like Pemex, saying how an energy firm can make use of artificial intelligence to become more productive and efficient. It seem Nvidia is hopeful that Mexico’s ongoing smart city projects would spark demand for AI solutions.

In addition, the US firm is looking to sign up some Mexican institutes for its Internet-based Deep Learning Institute (DLI), which is hoping to train 10,000 programmers across the world. Tec de Monterrey, Conacyt, and Cinvestav are some of the organizations it is planning to forge a relationship with.

Globally, the number of engineers working on artificial intelligence will grow four or five fold over the next three years, according to Nvidia. Considering an IDC forecast, 40% of all digital transformation initiatives – and 100% of all IoT efforts – would be supported by AI capabilities by 2019.

Mexico’s market for artificial intelligence is growing steadily. Earlier this year, another San Francisco-based company Wizeline launched an AI academy in Guadalajara, and Mexican scientists have designed a ‘walker’ for elderly citizens using artificial intelligence.