Global IT services provider Softtek, through its Softtek Open Lab initiative, has revealed two new digital transformation platforms: FRIDA and DIEGO.

Named after famous Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, these two engines provide a framework for companies to access 40 years’ of Softtek knowledge when taking their digital transformation journeys.

FRIDA (Framework for Intelligent Digital Automation) is an automation and cognitive computing platform, developed from the company’s own machine learning and RPA engine. The platform enables companies to automate processes, centralizing the entire virtual workforce.

Behind this platform, companies can run the services of any other provider or partner, such as: Microsoft, Google, or SAP. This platform of intelligent robotics software executes processes consistently, acting as a “coordinator” of the virtual workforce.

Meanwhile, DIEGO (Digital Enablers for Growth) is a digital enabler for the development of organizations, bringing together a collection of platforms and solutions that accelerate time-to-market implementations. Softtek customers get access to proven technology tools, that are ready to use, with a “Plug and Play” format that can be customized to a greater or lesser extent, according to the specifications of each project.

DIEGO encompasses a range of solutions that are constantly growing and evolving. At present, it allows for products that work under the IoT ecosystem; applications that allow connecting BtoC systems; tools for Smart Cities; applications for the virtualization of news; augmented reality solutions based on gamification formats; and products for Customer experience, among many other developments.

“We want to accompany our clients on the road to the new digital organization, in which aspects such as infrastructure, processes, people, and business act harmoniously to make the incorporation of innovation more efficient,” said Juan José Dalessandro, Commercial Director of Softtek Hispanic South America. “In that sense, we designed a model to listen to the key aspects of each business and jointly design proven and quick implementation solutions supported by our experience.”