Guadalajara continues to be the jewel in the crown of Mexico’s software development ambitions for a number of reasons, but especially because of the visionary and dedicated leaders at the forefront of its evolution.

One of those leaders is serial entrepreneur and CEO of international IT consulting company, Qualtop, Leonardo N’Haux.

Originally from Argentina, N’Haux moved to Guadalajara over fifteen years ago, giving him a unique insight into the evolution of the city’s software development ecosystem.

In this video interview, conducted in collaboration with Nearshore Americas, N’Haux explains why Guadalajara is so successful in the software development space, and what challenges the city must surmount in order to attract more U.S. business, particularly when it comes to bilingual skills.

Check out highlights from the interview below:


To learn more about Guadalajara’s evolution in the IT space, take a look at a recent timeline infographic, which maps out the city’s history, or check out our previous interview with the co-founder of Wizeline, Matt Pasienski.