Though the state of Querétaro is one of the smallest in huge nation, many believe it punches well above its weight class economically. Querétaro has a large number of already established multinational companies in industries including the aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods cluster.

The state has very competitive compensation costs and provides for a high quality of life. There is a significant availability of qualified human resources, and the state’s large talent pool is supported by a high level of infrastructure that is continuously expanded. Investors can leverage Queretaro’s centric geographical location and its proximity to Mexico City and to the United States.

Though its technology and IT pedigree does not rank on the same scale as the states of Mexico, Jalisco, or Nuevo León, it does have plenty of potential in addition to the firms already taking advantage of its less-tapped resources. The IT companies of Querétaro offer a large variety of services, including embedded software development, IT consulting, data centers, infrastructure management, and app development and testing. Given the location’s history, industry solutions often target manufacturing and technology niches such as biometrics, security, computer-aided design and other specialized services.

BPO services are also offered by the Queretaro services providers. Contact centers, data mining, market analysis, F&A services, and loan-application processing are all well established in larger markets like state capital Santiago de Querétaro, San Juan del Río, and City of Corregidora.

The government of Querétaro actively supporting foreign investments in IT is only bolstering the foundation’s strength. The time to establish a new company in the state has been drastically reduced and the administrative procedures have been simplified considerably. The government also offers a set of incentives, cost reductions, and tax exemptions for investors, as well as cash grants as part of the ProSoft program.

State of Querétaro Facts

The state of Querétaro is located in the heart of Mexico, just two hours away from the capital of Mexico City. It borders to the north and northwest with the state of San Luis Potosi; to the west with the state of Guanajuato; to the east with the state of Hidalgo; and to the southwest with the state of Michoacán.

Main Cities
Santiago de Querétaro, San Juan del Río, City of Corregidora

1.7 million

Higher Education
The state or Querétaro is home of two of the most prestigious universities of Mexico: the National Autonomous University and the National Polytechnic Institute. There are also six other prestigious public and private universities, including a campus of the the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Tec de Monterrey).

Graduates from IT Careers
1,500 per year

IT Infrastructure
Fiber optics rings infrastructure, high bandwidth communications and MPLS offered by several providers