The state of Mexico is located in the heart of the nation and surrounds Mexico City. It has a large number of long-established multinational companies in major sectors: automotive, metal mechanic, textiles and clothing, food and beverages, and chemical pharmaceutical industry, among others. The population enjoys a high quality of life, and there is wide availability of qualified human resources. With more than 14 million inhabitants living in 22,500 square kilometers, it is the most populated state in Mexico and the largest producer of manufactured goods nationwide.

And that is just the state itself. It also encircles Mexico City — the nation’s nerve center — with which it has practically merged. Combined, the area represents one of the largest human conglomerates in the world, with around 24 million inhabitants. With so much industry and production in such a small area, this could be considered the greatest regional economy in all of Latin America.

All told, it is one of the most robust, diverse, and dynamic areas in the nation and offers ample opportunities in the IT and BPO world. The IT companies of the state of Mexico offer a large variety of services, including IT consulting, data centers, infrastructure management, and application development and testing. Industry solutions focus on manufacturing and technology niches such as automotive, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, security, and computer-aided design. BPO services are also offered by many state of Mexico services providers. They include contact centers, data mining, help desk, market analysis, F&A services, and loan-application processing.

The state already offers a high level of infrastructure that is continuously being expanded as the state government actively supports foreign investments in IT. To push the sector forward, the government offers a set of incentives and tax exemptions for investors, as well as cash grants as part of the ProSoft program.

The future is also bright due to the many higher education offerings. The state of Mexico has the largest, most complex, and heterogeneous educational system in the country, with more than 4.3 million students at all levels of expertise. Furthermore, in the current school year, more than 32,000 students in the state are enrolled in IT-related programs — more than 12% of the national total.

Students love to study and usually stay in the area upon graduation due to all the region has to offer. The growth of exclusive residential areas, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and cultural activities are proof of the quality of life enjoyed in oursState.

All of these factors — and many, many more — make the state of Mexico a fantastic option for investment projects big and small.

“Mexico’s States of Innovation: Mexico City”

State of Mexico Key Facts

The state of Mexico borders the state of Queretaro and Hidalgo to the north and northwest. To the east is the state of Puebla, and to the south lies the states of Morelos and Michoacan,

Major Cities
Toluca, Naucalpan, and Tlalnepantla

14 million

Higher Education
The state of Mexico is home of three of the most prestigious universities in Mexico: the National Autonomous University, the State of Mexico University, and a campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. It is also close to the biggest campus of the National Polytechnic Institute. In total, there are 172 public and private universities, including 72 that offer IT careers.

Graduates from IT Careers
5,200 per year

IT Infrastructure
Fiberoptics rings infrastructure, high bandwidth communications, and MPLS through several providers