May 2017

digital economy show expo guadalajara
Jalisco Hosting First Digital Economy Show in Guadalajara
May 30, 2017

The show will cover IoT, Smart Cities, e-Commerce, e-Health, and more, with 100 exhibiting companies, 2,500 participants, and 500 business meetings.

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ITexico Expanding into Cancun with New Software Development Center
May 25, 2017

Technology outsourcing firm iTexico has initiated talks with Canieti to install a new software development center in Cancun.

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Nvidia to Explore Mexican Market for Artificial Intelligence
May 23, 2017

Collaborating with Mexican universities and academies for skilled technology professionals, and exploring business opportunities in lucrative sectors, energy and automotive manufacturing in particular, are at the top of its agenda.

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mexico canada
ScreenIT Partners with Branham Group to Deliver Services to Canadian IT Firms in LatAm
May 18, 2017

ScreenIT has announced plans with Branham Group to deliver business development services to Canadian ICT companies in Mexico and throughout Latam.

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Indian IT Giant Wipro Opens New Facility in Mexico, Creating 2,500 Jobs
May 16, 2017

Built at the cost of US$25 million, the facility will play a central role in Wipro’s operations in Mexico following the U.S. changes to H1B visa regulations

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Tesla Recruiting Mexican Talent for its New California Plant
May 12, 2017

Technology giant Tesla invited Mexican engineers to an event in Monterrey last week, attracting hopefuls from all across the country.

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US visa
US Visa Restrictions Benefiting Mexico’s Technology Sector: Report
May 9, 2017

Several foreign IT outsourcing firms, including India’s Tech Mahindra, are announcing plans to expand operations in Mexico.

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carlos diaz neoris
Video Interview: Neoris Managing Director on Monterrey’s Foundation for Building Digital Skills
May 4, 2017

In this video interview, Carlos Diaz, Managing Director for Neoris, dissects the digital capabilities within the talent pool in Monterrey, explaining how the city and its talent is preparing for next-generation technologies.

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technology investment
Mexico has Invested US$2.7 Billion into ICT Growth since 2009
May 2, 2017

Much of the government funds went to universities and research centers, which allied with major technology firms around the world to foster innovation.

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