Software testing services provider QASource has expanded into the Mexican city of Aguascalientes with a new delivery center, attracted by Mexico’s time zone alignment with the United States.

“Aguascalientes met the company’s selection criteria including (…) safety, proximity to universities with good engineering programs, and a strategic location in relation to American and Canadian business,” QASource stated in a press release.

QASource offers engineer supervision for software development projects, from the initial design phase to completion. By embedding its team mebers within clients’ engineering departments, it offers something different to remote testing services.

QASource was able to acquire MyCrowd QA, a crowd-testing company, in August last year, thanks to an increase in revenue of between 20% and 50% per year. This buyout expanded its suite of services to crowd-sourced testing. It also delivers a short-term, pay-as-you-go offering through another company in its portfolio, QAOnDemand.

Executives at the Bay Area company reportedly examined Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and Costa Rica before settling on Mexico for the delivery center.

According o the company, the Mexico office “presents North American clients with an economical opportunity to work with top technical talent within the same time zones as their in-house engineering departments”.

QASource has not yet disclosed how many people it will hire for its Mexican operations. Today, it employs around 700 people across its three delivery centers, including San Francisco, and Chandigarh, India, but has goals to increase that headcount to over 2,000 within the next 4 years.