A new organization, called Conectadas, has been formed in Mexico to promote gender equality in the corporate world, with particular focus on the ICT industry.

The organization, made up of a network of 32 women, will promote female leadership at all levels of society, as well as focusing on better practices of labor inclusion and the growth of gender equality in Mexico.

Members of Conectadas include María Teresa Arnal, who is in charge of Google‘s operations in Mexico; Claudia Calvin Venero, Founder of Mujeres Construyendo; María Cristina Capelo, Public Policy Manager for Facebook Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; and María Elena Estavillo Flores, Commissioner of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications.

Research from Conectadas says that only 19% of people pursuing an IT career are women. According to their data, in the most recent Global Gender Gap Index of the World Economic Forum, Mexico fell from rank 66 to 81 of 144 countries evaluated. Furthermore, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) estimates that for every 100 men living in poverty there are 118 women in the same situation.


Conectadas has persuaded the Ministry of Communications and Transport to accompany the organization in the promotion of 60 female students in areas such as engineering and mathematics, eventually growing that support to 120 women.

Photo: Twitter @CONECTADAS_MX