Japanese ICT company Fujitsu is strengthening its commitment to the Mexican market by focusing on local companies’ digital transformation processes.

The company intends to provide solutions, products, and services to allow more efficient IT models for organizations in sectors such as banking and insurance, telecommunications, energy, automotive, retail, and manufacturing.

“Fujitsu is bringing to Mexico very innovative technologies to face the new digital challenges of the country’s organizations,” said Javier Leonardi, Managing Director of Fujitsu Mexico. “We have ambitious growth plans in Mexico, where we will work very closely with large companies from different sectors of the economy to maximize the benefits of digital transformation.”

The multinational expects to grow in the country by doubling its current business by the end of 2017. Within its growth plans, Fujitsu has a talent acquisition and retention plan to train the professionals who will be the growth engine for the company in Mexico.


“Fujitsu believes that the successful organizations of the future will design their business models around connectivity, by connecting all internal systems and also external partners; intelligence, by generating intelligent ideas of large volumes of data through the learning of AI; and people, by shifting the business vision from the supplier side to the customer to deliver truly personalized customer experiences,” the company stated in a press release.