Three Mexican startups –– including Unima, Econduce and Tizkka –– have been selected by Google for its ‘Launchpad Accelerator’ program.  All the young enterprises will undergo mentoring programs in Silicon Valley, where the search engine giant is headquartered.

Reports say that selected startups will receive US$50,000 in funding from Google. Unlike venture capital funds, Google will not seek equity stake in return for its funding.

The Silicon Valley firm says it will allow startups to leverage all its resources and realize the full potential of their business concept.

Mexico is one of the emerging market economies to have won more number of seats in Google’s startup acceleration program. Some of these startups may be allowed to work with Google engineers for nearly six months.

The search engine giant says it has set up dozens of teams of experts to work as mentors in the acceleration program.

Among the startups Unima seems to have larger potential to hog the international limelight. The startup has developed an app that helps doctors identify people suffering from the disease (contagion) spreading like a wildfire in an area.

In addition, the app can diagnose the disease in a matter of minutes without using any laboratory equipment.

Tizkka, another startup selected for the program, is trying to make a mark in the world of fashion designers. It gathers information on new trends in the fashion designing industry. Econduce, based in Mexico City, is striving to reduce air pollution across the country. The company, according to local media reports, offers electric two-wheelers for the owners of diesel-guzzling SUVs.