Nearshore IT company Itexico has teamed up with US API transformation services provider Jitterbit to capitalize on the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Based in California, Jitterbit offers to infuse artificial intelligence instantly into any business process for speeding up operations.

“Our implementation partnership with Jitterbit creates a strategic advantage for our Latin America, Mexico region, and US customers,” said Guillermo Ortega, Itexico’s COO and Co-founder.

“The platform’s quick integration and fast realized ROI, combined with our team’s support and insight of how to implement the platform in enterprise, will allow businesses to maximize their efficiency further.”

Cross-border partnerships of this kind are growing in number these days, as more and more companies look for technologies to transform their business operations. Late last year, Microsoft joined forces with Softtek to cash in on the demand for digital transformation services across Latin America. As recently as two months ago, Augmate and Maximilian teamed up to promote blockchain technology in Mexico.

As part of the deal, about five certified professionals from Jitterbit will work with Itexico to implement the technology. They have recently run a webinar together highlighting how artificial intelligence can transform any business helping to increase productivity and efficiency.

While a mere 15% of enterprises now utilize artificial intelligence (AI), more than 30% of organizations plan to harness the technology within the next year, says Itexico.

Thanks to demand for the new technology, Jitterbit has now been considered as one of the fastest growing technology startups in the US. In November last year, KKR invested US$25 million of its Next Generation Technology Fund in Jitterbit.

Although headquartered in Austin, TX, Itexico is known as a Mexican technology startup as a large majority of its employees work out of its operational units in Guadalajara and Aguascalientes.