Mexican startup MVP in a Box has set up its first office in the United States, located on Lexington Avenue in New York City.

“We are starting off with just one person, but the idea is to set up multiple other offices and employ more people in the next six to nine months,” said Vanessa Herrera, Co-Founder and CEO at MVP in a Box.

With the goal of acquiring more US clients, this unique Mexican company is the first tech startup that has partnered with the country’s promotions agency, ProMexico, under its “Development of Executives in Foreign Country” program.

ProMexico’s program helps Mexican companies with a scalable business model to build a presence in the international arena. The agency provides an executive that is trained at the selected company to run the operations in the foreign location, New York in this case.

What is MVP in a Box?

Heralding from Merida, Mexico, MVP in a Box helps clients to develop prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs) in a fast and affordable way.

The company’s service offering includes frontend and backend development for multiple platforms, as well as graphic design, UI/UX design, market analysis and strategy, mentoring, and a tailored go to market plan.

“If you have a big company and want to build something in a few months, or want to quickly develop a prototype for a new idea, we can offer the entire range of services necessary to achieve this,” said Herrera.

The company has developed its own methodology for building prototypes, which is based on agile, and scrum specifically. They also mix in other factors from other methods such as design thinking and lean startup.

“MVP is not just development: we help analyze the segment of the market where the client wishes to launch the product, also helping with social media and marketing ideas to build a full package, which means a lot of analysis and hand holding from the very beginning,” said Josh Northcott, Co-Founder & CMO at MVP in a Box. “Most companies hire one or two developers, but they often don’t have the experience to work on such prototypes, which means they can take six to nine months to develop. Our turnaround is much, much faster and costs a lot less.”

Leveraging the Unique Skills of Merida

The resources for MVP in a Box are located in the Plenumsoft facilities in Merida, where the company has a team of engineers, business analysts, and marketing experts that build complete products for clients.

The company has worked with around 20 clients already, but pointed out three unique case studies from Mexico and the US. The first Mexican client is Juum, an Android and IOS app that allows users to make their own radio stations. The second is called Zendi, which provides a communications platform between schools, parents, and students. The US client operates in the financial sector.

“We’re not limited to any type of industry, and due to Plenumsoft’s background in multiple sectors, we have the experience to work on products for all of them,” said Herrera.

The company’s presence in New York and its ambitions to become a major player in the US market makes this one of the industry’s most interesting success stories in Mexico.