The software and app development market has again gained significant ground in Mexico, with data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) showing that the country has grown more than 8% in this field, positioning it as one of the largest software producing countries in the Latin America region.

There is also an 8% increase in the digitization of companies, a trend that will change the investment landscape if maintained, according to Siemens. Of this percentage, the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) notes that 43% of enterprise apps are used for communication purposes.

Furthermore, according to the Information Technology Industry Association (AMITI), 43% of SMEs believe that the use of apps has increased their volume of customers, while 23% indicated an increase in productivity as a result of app usage.

“It is a fact that the technology industry has increased its participation in the world economies, therefore, it is important to bet on the technological investments and training that assure us a positive outlook for the company and the country,” Aníbal Gonda, Technical Evangelist at GeneXus, told local press.

Due to the population of Mexico showing an increased interested in mobile technology, there continues to be thousands of apps being developed across the country, some of which are listed in our “top 4 innovative apps made in Mexico” list.

The benefits of Mexico as a time efficient, cost effective, culturally aligned region for US clients are also a huge factor in this growth of software and app development, as companies north of the border increasingly look for ways to improve their development cycles outside of the US.