Mexico IT’s Guillermo Gonzalez King will be holding a presentation at the NewCo Festival in Mexico City, where he will explain key findings that place Mexico as the world’s 3rd largest exporter of IT services.

The presentation will be held at the CANIETI offices on Thursday 20th October, and will trace the rapid growth of regional technology ecosystems in major cities, as well as how they link to the global innovation chain.

The second version of this NewCo festival officially will be in full swing tomorrow, with hundreds of attendees visiting dozens of companies in order to share and learn about innovative ways of doing business.

Other companies participating in the three-day festival include global technology giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and successful startups like Clip, Digilant, Kubo Financial, Kuspit, Enlight, and Juan Futbol.

Startup accelerators like Wayra, angel investors, and equity funds like Dalus Capital and shared workspace provider WeWork are also among the companies participating in the festival.

Unlike a typical business event, NewCo festival does not take place in a cozy conference hall, instead it involves attendees visiting the offices of companies, where they will see first hand how the company is operating innovatively and making use of advancing technology and adapting to new ways of doing business.

As part of the festival, participant companies organize sessions for attendees, where executives give details about their business models, challenges they are facing in their sector, and the innovative solutions they have adopted to get around the hurdles standing in their path to success.

The festival is beneficial for every participant because it serves as a stage for both sharing success stories with others and learning from others what they do not know and what they can use to speed up their own growth.

The festival is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, students and anyone interested in the new business dynamics. More than 50 companies and 600 attendees participated in the first edition of the festival held in February this year.

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