The MIT Technology Review in Spanish has named Mexico’s 10 most important innovators under 35 years old during a ceremony at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), where the winners presented their projects and made some comments about their innovative ideas and goals.

The MIT Technology Review in Spanish is the Spanish version of MIT Technology Review, a magazine published by Technology Review Inc., an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The magazine aims to promote the awareness of innovation and emerging technologies as well as the benefits of science and social evolution.

This is the fifth edition of “Innovators under 35” in Mexico and is composed of computer scientists, doctors, engineers, etc., who have shown great potential and a commitment to research and development, while seeking to solve different problems affecting global society in different areas of life.

The 10 innovators under 35 in Mexico are:

innovatorsCesar Esquivel: A biomedical engineer and a graduate of the University of Monterrey (UDEM). Esquivel created a web platform called, which finds blood transfusion donors faster.

Adrian Garcia: Garcia studied biotechnology at the Autonomous University of Queretaro and this year gained his doctorate at the National Polytechnic Institute. He created a program called Infood, which connects small producers with end consumers directly in order to maximize their profits.

Enrique Gonzalez: Gonzalez holds a degree in Economics from ITESM. He created a technology that converts fruit and vegetable waste into natural nutrients that improve the quality of processed food. His creation is called Genius Foods.

Fernando Mier-Hicks: This Mechatronics Engineer graduated from ITESM and has developed a test lab designed to levitate small satellites, allowing us to analyze and know their behavior as if they were in space.

Maurits Montañez: This young man created a group called my Kernaia, which helps conserve the Latin American indigenous languages and introduce their speakers to the digital world. Montanez is a graduate of the Technological Institute of Morelia.

Octavio Novelo: Novelo graduated from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, and has created an application that helps users focus on savings. When you pay something from the phone, the app allows you to round the amount and deposit the remainder into a savings account.

Luis Pacheco: The developer of ScratchyCAD, a software that teaches people to create three-dimensional objects with a computer, so that they can be printed by any user, making 3D printing simple and fast.

Christian Peñaloza is a young researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience applied to robotics. His work is recognized for creating an intelligent mind control for patients with motor paralysis, so to improve their care and make them more independent.

Dariana Rodriguez: An ITESM graduate with expertise in biotechnology and a PhD in Engineering Sciences, Rodriguez discovered how to recover tons of avocado waste and turn it into food additives that protect against bacteria.

Daniel Vogel: This engineer in Computer Science from Stanford University has created a new form of financial inclusion. Taking advantage of the fact that almost all Mexicans have a mobile phone, he created the platform Bitso, based on Bitcoin, to help them become part of the banking economy.