The city of Phoenix, Arizona, seems to be making plays to build a strong technological and economic relationship with Mexico, following an alliance-building visit to Mexico City by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC).

Phoenix reportedly plans to lead the pack when it comes to producing software and technology for banking and financial services. By leveraging its close relationship with Mexico, the city hopes to take its Fintech expertise to the next level making it a true competitor in the global market.

GPEC is a public-private partnership that has helped Mexican enterprises penetrate the US market, then scale their businesses, using the city as a stepping stone.

“We met with a number of scalable entrepreneurs that are in software and fintech and other industries that are looking at growing in the United States,” said Chris Camacho, CEO of the GPEC, following his trip to Mexico City in late May.

The CEO continued by explaining that Phoenix is becoming a “robust hub for tech innovation”, allowing Mexican companies that are partnered with the city grow more rapidly.

Fintechs are thriving in Mexico City, particularly, with numerous startups sprouting there each year.