Mexican information technology firm Softtek has moved its U.S. and Canada headquarters to Dallas from Atlanta.

Dallas gives better access to major cities across North America, and is home to a greater number of technology schools, says the compny.

“A positive business climate, attractive lifestyle, and access to talent were key factors in the decision to relocate,” Softtek stated, dismissing the speculation that financial incentives enticed it into Dallas.

Reports say the new headquarters is double the size of its former location in Miami. Approximately 150 staff will work out of the new office located in the Addison area.

Softtek said it would work with local colleges and universities and hire an additional 50 employees in the coming year.

“An expanded presence in the Dallas region enhances collaboration with customers as well as access to talent in the area,” said Marcos Jimenez, CEO of Softtek U.S. and Canada.

“As a Mexico-based corporation, moreover, deepening economic ties with the State of Texas strengthens our relationship with a critical trading partner.”

The new HQ also has an innovation lab, which the company will use to provide application software development, testing, and security services. Softtek had originally planned to establish the lab in San Jose, but changed its mind after a discussion with a trade delegation from the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce last year.

Across Canada and the US, more than 6,000 people are working for the company, which makes most of its money by providing services in new technologies, including automation, connected devices, virtual reality, digital transformation, and smart city technologies.