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Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox Joins Forces with Canadian Tech Company to Develop Mexico’s Math Skills
June 21, 2018

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has teamed up with Canadian education technology company Knowledgehook to introduce innovative math teaching methods to Mexico.

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Plenumsoft CIO
Video Interview: Plenumsoft CIO Dissects Yucatan’s Educational Impacts on IT Industry
October 26, 2017

Alberto Muñoz, CIO at Plenumsoft, explains how an ingrained understanding of science and mathematics is driving value for IT in the state of Yucatan.

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jalisco governor
Jalisco Governor: “Technological Innovation is the Key for Mexico to Equal World Powers”
July 6, 2017

“The only way that all of Mexico can become a real power and compete globally is through technology, education, and giving support to all our young people,” said the state leader to some 25,000 attendees of Jalisco Campus Party.

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Mexico is Pushing for More Female Students to Pursue STEM Education
June 27, 2017

The Ministry of Public Education says it is seeing tremendous interest among students across the country in learning science and technology.

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education secretary Aurelio Nuño
Mexico’s Education Secretary Reveals Ambition to Create Bilingual Country in 20 Years
March 17, 2017

Within two decades, the Education Secretary of Mexico plans to have all of its students speaking English, in order to make the population more competitive.

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project airgig
AT&T Looking to Introduce Project AirGig Wireless Gigabit Internet Service to Mexico
February 3, 2017

U.S. telco AT&T is toying with the possibility of bringing its wireless gigabit internet service, Project AirGig, to Mexico after testing is complete.

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Enova Providing Young Mexicans with Access to Computer Technologies
September 27, 2016

Experts have commonly theorized that early-stage access to computers and internet can persuade young people to pursue STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, and…

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