IT services provider Wizeline has opened a new office in Queretaro in order to leverage the high potential the city has for technology and talent.

Wizeline has been looking for talent in the city since 2017, identifying it as a potential technology hub akin to Mexico’s Silicon Valley, Guadalajara.

“We are planning to grow throughout the Mexican territory,”  said Hector Padilla, Senior Director of Engineering at Wizeline, who is leading the company’s arrival in Queretaro.

“It is true that our heart and our headquarters in Mexico will continue to be in Guadalajara, but we will go in search of the best technological talent wherever we are. We recognize in Querétaro some of the elements that we saw in Guadalajara years ago and we know that we will grow rapidly in this area of the country,”

The company is on a mission to boost the growth of Mexico’s technology industry, integrating the best software engineers and developers it can find. For the IT services that Wizeline offers, demand that is increasing, especially in Mexico, where the company is seeing 15% growth per year.

With this move to Queretaro, Wizeline continues on its journey to change peoples’ mindset about Mexico, seeing it as a country that possesses creative, world-class talent with an aptitude for technology, instead of it only being associated with manufacturing.